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What's happening at your Cass County Y today:

Fit In '15 
Exercise Challenge

Let us help you kick start your New Year weight loss goals. Join us for a fun 5-week exercise challenge. 
Starts Thursday Jan 1st- Ends Friday, Feb. 6th.  

How Does It Work?

  • Sign-Up as a single or create a small team for additional support (3-5 participants on a team)
    All points will be awarded based on individual achievement
  • Each participant will weigh in and receive an attendance card
  • Use your attendance card to record number of workouts and weight loss
  • Points will be awarded weekly based on LBS lost and number of 30 min daily workouts completed
    (Only 1 -30 min workout per day will count toward points)
  • Week 1 (Jan 1st-9th); Week 2 (Jan 10th-16th); Week 3 (Jan 17th-23rd); Week 4 (Jan 24th-30th);
    Week 5 (Jan31-Feb 6th)
  • Prizes Awarded to each 1st and 2nd  Place Male and Female Individual Winners

How do you score Points?

  • Men: 2.5lbs or more loss in one week=5 points; 2.49-2lbs=4 points; 1.99-1.5 lbs= 3 points
    1.49-1.0 lbs=2 points; .99-.1 oz=1 points.
  • Women:2.0lbs or more loss in one week=5 points; 1.99-1.5lb=4points; 1.49-1.0lbs=3 points;
    0.99-.5lbs=2 points; .49-.1lbs=1 point
  • .05 point for 30 min daily workout (7-30 min workouts=3.5 points per week)
  • Max 8.5 points per week if you lose 2.5 lbs (men)/2.0lbs (women) and workout all 7 days. 

Cost: Member $20 per individual 
                     $50 (for team of 3-5)

        Non Member $45 per individual
                          $125 (for team of 3-5) 

For more information contact Derreck Parkevich

The Y is committed to providing programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We make every effort to ensure that no one is turned away due to inability to pay. Financial assistance is available please contact us for more information.